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Design Process

Cabinetworks, Inc. offers a kitchen, bath and cabinetry design team of three to focus on assisting y ou in your new home construction, renovation, or special project like addition of a media room or library.

We help you enjoy the creative process and avoid stress by providing you with cooperation, efficiency and dependability. Count the ways...



Design Process
Start by gathering and brining to us your plans and ideas. One of our designer's will partner with you in creating, and then accept full responsibility for managing the project's cabinets, counters, hardware, sinks and accessories through final installation.



Design Process
Whether your plans allow for basic or higher-end custom products, we will provide the finest qualities and services possible within your budget.



Design Process
We provide drawings and coordinate with your builder or subcontractors and respond to their requirements for specs and information such as relevant gas and/or electrical amperage requirements for your selected appliances, as well as placements of sinks and other fixtures and faucents to help facilitate plumbers and electricians.



Design Process
Count on us to provide all necessary on-site verifications for our cabinetry and accessories fits.



Design Process
Your cabinets and accessories come into our own facility for safe storage until the moment they are needed on your project site.



Design Process

We handle all installations related to cabinets, counters, sinks, faucets, and related accessories that we provide.



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